Robinson Resource Group

Local Speaking Engagements
Client: Robinson Resource Group

The Challenge

Robinson Resource Group’s innovative approach to search and coaching assignments has been refined and proven through many years of experience in the human capital industry.

Scott Robinson, Managing Partner of Robinson Resource Group, is a member of the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches and received their Registered Corporate Coach™ designation—one of fewer than 1000 such Coaches worldwide. In July 2014, Robinson reached out to The Simons Group with interest in targeting local colleges, trade associations and banking groups to offer his services as a guest speaker.

The Approach

After speaking with Robinson about his needs, The Simons Group researched groups that met his criteria and compiled a comprehensive list that included six banking groups, 22 trade associations, and 36 local universities. Once the list was approved, we began our outreach process, positioning Robinson as the experienced coach that he is.

Each prospect was contacted 3-5 times before we got a definitive response. During the first few months, there was interest from several organizations; however, the issue was scheduling since many of the groups’ near-term programming was already in place. This is fairly typical, since organizations book speakers many months before the actual event, and even speakers with great topics may not be scheduled right away. This does not mean that all hope is lost, but rather that clients should be realistic about how long the process takes. Because of our experience, we continued to maintain relationships with the many contacts that said there might be a spot in the future.

The Result

After several months of keeping in touch with contacts, The Simons Group was notified that we were able to secure Robinson a spot as a speaker at the ONE Conference, hosted by the Illinois Banking Association. In addition, We were also able to get Robinson a speaking engagement with DAMA Chicago, a non-profit, vendor independent professional organization dedicated to the advancement of data asset management concepts. At each venue, Robinson got high marks for his content and professionalism, and we are confident that this exposure will help him expand his practice in many ways.