Testimonial Video Series Helps Tell ForteONE’s Story
Client: ForteONE


ForteONE is a management consulting firm that partners with business owners, advisors and management teams to drive revenue and profitability through customized action plans. The firm focuses on plans that generate short-term improvements while creating long-term sustainable value.

Business owners are often wary of consultants, thinking they will promise improvements and fall short. ForteONE wanted to showcase its client relationships and results in a way that would provide transparency on the results they help their clients achieve and address any hesitations prospective clients may have.


Already engaged in The Simons Group’s copywriting, graphic design and coding services, Suzanne Burns Jacob, ForteONE’s chief marketing officer and director of business development, came to us with the challenge of staying ahead of prospects’ concerns during the sales cycle. We suggested creating client testimonial and leadership videos to meet Suzanne’s primary goals for the company’s relationship marketing:

1. To start a conversation with potential clients about ForteONE’s process and value

2. To help prospective customers get comfortable taking a meeting with ForteONE once they are referred

3. To use current client examples to entice new referral sources

The Approach

The videos needed to illustrate what business owners could expect from working with ForteONE through captivating visual storytelling that would engage, inform and persuade potential clients and referral sources.

Client Testimonial Videos – The series of testimonial videos showcased ForteONE’s process from the client perspective. Suzanne understood that having clients describe the experience in their own words would speak volumes about the benefits and quality of work to expect when working with ForteONE.

Leadership Videos – Mark Rittmanic is the founder and inspirational leader of ForteONE. Suzanne really wanted to capture Mark’s personality on the videos and exude the same excitement that his ideas generate in person. The set of leadership videos gave viewers insight into the company’s history, its approach to helping business owners and how ForteONE is a strong partner in times of change.

Suzanne developed a list of loose interview questions to give the video shoots some structure. Since she and Mark already had established relationships with the clients, Suzanne personally led the interviews to make sure everyone was as comfortable as possible.

The Simons Group took the reins with lighting, sound and shooting the footage with multiple camera angles for the first set of videos. Suzanne shot the remaining quarterly videos on her own. Upon completion of the video shoots, we worked with Suzanne to edit the videos so that each video told an engaging and informative story.

The Results

ForteONE distributed links to the client testimonial and leadership videos through the company’s existing email marketing campaign. The five years before launching the new email content provided a steady baseline to which we could compare the results of the twice-quarterly email.

After changing the subject line and including the new video content, open rates increased by 12 percent and click-through rates increased by almost 4 percent.

“That lift, combined with some of the anecdotal feedback from potential clients who mentioned they watched the videos, leads us to be confident that the videos are a good way to showcase our case studies and client results,” Suzanne says.