Flavorchem Corporation Website
Flavorchem Corporation Website
Flavorchem Corporation Website
Flavorchem Corporation Website

WordPress Platform Saves Flavorchem Time and Money
Client: Flavorchem


Our server switch and rebuild of a CMS website for Flavorchem improved the site’s stability and made website updates a snap.

The Challenge

Flavorchem creates and manufactures flavor and color solutions for food and beverages. The company specializes in custom solutions – from research and development to fully finished products. Flavorchem’s original CMS website needed a costly and time-consuming upgrade that would have created more problems than it would have solved.

The Approach

Ed McIntosh, Flavorchem’s marketing manager, asked The Simons Group to fix the site’s extensive issues, which included server timeouts and a clunky admin interface – so it could be viewable and easily updated. After looking behind the scenes, we discovered the base CMS needed to be upgraded and the server itself was experiencing technical problems. We could not guarantee the CMS upgrade alone would rectify the situation. The company would still face hefty costs associated with server technical issues, uploading new files, replacing existing files, necessary add-on and module updates, and extensive testing – all without a guarantee for how long this solution would last. In addition, the CMS platform was expensive and had limited user -base support.

We did not want Flavorchem to purchase a costly upgrade and not be guaranteed a long-term solution. We recommended switching the site to a WordPress-powered CMS platform for less than it would cost to upgrade and update the old site. We also moved Flavorchem to a new hosting provider with better server support. WordPress is a good solution for Flavorchem because it is constantly being updated, is widely used, has a large developer community, is easily expandable and is a free, open-source platform.

The Result

Flavorchem’s team decided to rebuild the site in WordPress and is pleased with our solution. The company was able to keep the existing design and site architecture it preferred and reaped the benefits of the WordPress platform less than two weeks after the project was approved. Flavorchem saved money on the rebuild/hosting move versus the upgrade and will continue to benefit from a free platform with the support of a developer community behind it. The company was so happy with the results, it asked The Simons Group to rebuild an intranet site in the same easy-to-update WordPress platform.

View the website here.

“We always have a positive experience using the Simons Group, they offer good ideas and are timely with projects and reporting. The staff is very knowledgeable on the on latest digital media channels.”

- Ed McIntosh, Flavorchem