Peter Chavez, Creative Director

Peter Chavez


Chicago, IL.


Peter has a bachelor’s degree in graphic design from the School of The Art Institute of Chicago.

Work history:

Peter’s experience covers everything from launching start-up brands to developing national campaigns for Fortune 500 companies, including familiar brands like McDonald’s, Sam’s Club and Procter & Gamble. Peter teamed up with large agencies, like Leo Burnett, as well as boutique firms to build his diverse client list.

Adventure Goals:

If Peter won the lottery, he would spend all his winnings traveling and seeing the world’s most remarkable sights. Until then, he’s happy using his professional successes to support his travel habits.

Extracurricular Activities:

Whether he’s cheering on his favorite Chicago sports teams or stepping onto the court, rink, beach or path himself, Peter always has his head in the game. When he’s not traveling, Peter can be found playing volleyball or hockey or taking long-distance bike rides.