Lee Zoldan, President

Photo of Lee


Chicago, Il.


Lee has a journalism degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia and a master’s degree in business administration from Northwestern University.

Work history:

In her past life, Lee used to be a TV producer and was a radio announcer for a late-night jazz show. She also taught marketing communications at the University of Chicago and other institutions.


When she’s not being responsible and running The Simons Group, Lee is cooking with abandon, often with disastrous results. She considers a fire extinguisher and Band-Aids as essential to a well-stocked kitchen as a good set of knives. She also enjoys walking along the lakefront, going to art galleries, traveling and attending theatrical productions, and she devotes time to her publishing interests, with the goal of writing books about what people have learned throughout their lives.

Will bend over backward to:

Make sure clients get what they need.